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One of the most common problems caused by damaged grout is leaking shower recesses, which leads to water escaping from your shower and into wall cavities. This encourages the growth of mold and bacteria, which is unhygienic, unattractive and and can produce spores that can aggravate respiratory problems.


We can rejuvenate tiled areas in your bathroom by mechanically removing and replacing tired grout with a flexible mold-resistant grout or by simply cleaning and colour sealing your existing grout.


We then replace your silicone sealant to provide a water tight finish.


This improves the appearance and functionality of your tiled are and saves you the expense and mess of re-tiling.


We are a family owned and run company, not a huge franchise. In fact, the owner answers the phone, gives out the estimates and is involved in doing the actual work.


We specialise in everything bathroom from cleaning and replacing faulty and dirty grout to full bathroom installations.


A great alternative to re-tiling, for a fraction of the price


Tile re-grouting:

We use a specially designed mechanical tool to remove grout from between tiles in order to prepare for regrouting. We then clean the walls down, apply the new grout, allow to dry, then buff and polish your tiles, leaving your tiles looking as good as the day they were laid.


Tile cleaning & polishing included in the process.


Silicone seal removal and replacement:

Carried out to a high standard using professional profile tools. We seal baths, showers, sinks, window frames and door frames (trims also available), kitchen bench-tops, wall corners, ceilings, floor edging etc.


Broken and loose tiles refixed Note: Spare tiles may be required.


Grout Sealing - To help protect grout from discolouration.