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Stone and marble tiling are now being replaced by wet wall laminate panels as the

premier material for wet areas, bathrooms and shower enclosures.

Despite their long standing appeal, their cost of stone tile installation and maintenance is no longer feasible in the face of superior laminates.

Manufactured to exacting standards, laminate panels are the perfect choice for wet areas, bathrooms and shower enclosures. Unlike stone tiling, wet wall bathroom panels are readily available at affordable prices in a wide variety of designs, colors and finishes.

Benefits of Wet Wall Bathroom Panels:

Laminate panels removes all the issues associated with mold growth on grout. Their advanced construction also gives them several advantages over stone tiling including:

  • Totally waterproof and watertight
  • No grouting needed as watertight mechanical joints are used
  • Warmer to the touch for cozier bathroom surfaces
  • Reduce grime and dirt since they can be wiped squeaky clean with just soap and water
  • Reduce condensation on bathroom walls which discourages mold and mildew
  • Easy to maintain once installed, with little need for replacement
  • Tough, durable and resistant to damage